Boarding / Hostel

Evening Assembly for Boarding Students.


Slopeland Public School Boarding was opened from the very inception of the school. Both day schooling and residential schooling were provided in the past but, in accordance with the policy of the school, it has become fully residential school. The boarding facility is available in the school in for accommodation of a capacity of 1000 students for both boys and girls. Boarding is maintained at the international standard, there are also students from Myanmar. Students of different communities stay in the school boarding. They feel quite at home with a comfortable stay under their respective warden and full proof security. Nurses are assigned round the clock with an ambulance along with essential medicines to look after students’ day to day health.

There are 9 blocks in the boarding campus.They are Sangai, Linthoingambi , Thoibi, Rani Gaidinglu , Tikendrajit , Paona , Thangal , Irabot and Pakhangba. The students are divided into four houses, viz Sangai-Yellow House, Loktak-Blue House, Koubru-Red House, Siroy-Green House.    

Each block is assigned with a warden. Regular inter house competition of all the events are conducted regularly time to time to keep them maintain the spirit of healthy competitions among their peers.

Slopeland Public School is the largest boarding school in whole North East India, it is fully boarding school. Students at the boarding campus are residing at the very spacious room which has many indoor recreational activities center like badminton, carom, chess, auditorium hall, study hall, etc

Life At Boarding .



1. Request for leave should be sent at least two days in advance, by the parents to the Principal directly.

2. Leave may be granted on the marriage of real brother/sister or on the demise of any immediate family member such as parents, grandparents or first cousins. Please also note that a request for leave will only be entertained in written, or by email – addressed to the Principal who is the ultimate approving authority.

3. No leave will be granted on telephone or letters sent to the students. The application from the parents must be sent addressed to the Principal, Slopeland Public School, B.P.O. Khongjom, Manipur-795148.

4. Parents and authorized relatives can meet the students in the visitors ‘room between 10.00AM to 3.00 PM on 1st and 3rd Sunday, which is the Visiting Day for Boarders (Hosteller).

5. If a student overstays without any information to the Principal, strict action will be taken against the students along with fine. 

6. Please note – without Visiting Card entry to school campus shall be denied.