Korean Workshop conducted at campus.

Korean Language Centre

We conduct Korean languages classes in regular interval for all the students who are interested in learning the language.

Language class are conducted by the experts from South Korea. 

Principal singning MoU with Russia Govt. representatives.

Reaching out to foreign countries

Slopeland Public School has always reach out to country outside of India in every field possible. 

We have MoU singed agreement with Russia Govt. for the exchange of students culturally and educationally. We have also reach out Myanmar & Bangladesh Govt. to provide free education (100% scholarship ) for Indian Diaspora living there. We are already getting fruit of it as we have positive results. 

We also take our students for foreign trips every year. 

Inter House Quiz Competition

Inter House Competition

We conduct Inter House Competition every month for all the students dividing in three category - Sub Junior , Junior & Senior for boys and girls in the field of sports , arts , debate , smart quiz , social issues , etc. 

It helps the students develop the sense of team spirit among them. Accordingly, prizes and certificates are given to the team who perform well to encourage them to do better in future.