Fee Structure 2019-20




  1. Monthly Tuition Fee for all Boarder includes all the charges, i.e. Tuition Fee,Boarding Fee,Club Fee,Smart Class Fee.
  2. Fee  should be paid in the office on all working days from 10 AM to 3.30 PM ,on or before 30th ,i.e. at the end of every month, failing to  which late fine of Rs.250 will be charged for each month.It can also be  paid on Visiting Day for all Boarders on 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month.
  3. No amount is refundable under any circumstance. 


Students having discussion among themselves during a class.


The  school admits students in classes LKG to X , XI & XII  Science/Arts/Commerce. Admission takes place in the month of December to March  every year.

  1. Admission  form along with prospectus may be collected from school/or download  from school website , on payment of requisite amount.
  2. Admission is done on the basis of reasoning test, follow by personal interview.
  3. Only the Principal of the school can extend/grant admission to the school.
  4. Students have to attain the minimum grade/mark required to apply for admission.
  5. Parents/Guardians  should accompany their wards at the time of admission along with duly  filled up admission form with the required original certified documents  supporting it. 
  6. Only provisional admission is granted if the admission seeker fails to meet the eligibility criteria prescribed by the school.
  7. Admission  granted provisionally is liable to cancel without any intimation to the  admission seeker if he/she fails to comply with instructions from the  Principal of the school within one month reckoned from the date of  extending provisional admission.
  8. Original  documents must be submitted to the school at the time of admission for a  period of twelve months reckoned from the date of admission to the  school.
  9. Admission  in the school for Classes IX to XII must be compulsory boarding  admission and necessary fee will be charged accordingly.
  10. Admission  in Class XI (Science/Arts) will be initiated immediately after the  declaration of Class X result, however, ahead of declaration of the  result admission could be seek by submitting the relavant documents and  application to the Principal.
  11. Once  admitted,admission or any other forms of fees are non-refundable or any  claims be entertained for refund.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

"Education is the best gift you can give to your child "


If  the name of a student is struck off due to non-payments dues or on  account of his/her absence without leave for seven consecutive days,  suspension and withdrawal from the school his/her re-admission entirely  depends on the discretion of the Principal. If re-admission is allowed,  the child will have to pay re-admission fee and the arrears due.


  1. If  any students are left or withdrawn or suspended or terminated during  the academic session, must  pay for the whole 12 months Boarding fees.
  2. Any  students found indulging in misbehavior conduct and undesirable   anti-school activities are  liable to strict disciplinary action  including  expulsion from the school with imitation to the parents along  with the payments of appropriate fines which the School Authorities  deem fit. And he/she has to clear the fees for the whole academic period  i.e. 12 months.
  3. Students/boarders who run away from the school will be expelled without further notice.
  4. The  jurisdiction in respect of or arising out of any disputes pertaining to  the students and school  will solely be under the Court of Thoubal  District.

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